Digital papers published

I have recently been combining documentary media with the theory-rich academic paper. The result is digital papers. two have been published in peer reviewed journals. Filming (2017) is in Screenworks: and A portrait of Judith Buckrich (2016) is in Sightlines:

Ethics Matters on ABC TV 3

All episodes are 12 minutes long. The presenter Dr Dan Halliday talks with philosophers, and helps place ethical ideas in a real world context. The series will begin broadcasting on ABCTV 3 at 11:45am from August 31, 2017, and is targeted at a teenage audience.

Funding for Ethics Matters

The Collier Charitable Fund has kindly provided funding for our new series ‘Ethics Matters’. The Philosophy department at Australian National University has also provided funding for the series. In the series of 12 x 12 minutes, Dr. Dan Halliday talks to some of the world’s top philosophers about ethics. We have nearly finished the all the filming and have started …

Legal Briefs on ABC TV 3

In a series of short episodes Lizzie O’Shea talks to Australia’s top legal minds. She takes you into the courts, and the places where our law is made. The series will be broadcast on ABC TV 3 on Thursdays at 10.45am from the 2nd of June. You can visit the website for the series here. If you are a subscriber …


The first ‘Portrait’ has been created. This portrait is of the historian Judith Buckrich. Over the next couple of years I shall create a series of portraits of women. Once i have a few i will then create an installation with them. A Portrait of Judith Buckrich Everyone has a past.

Victoria Law Foundation fund “Legal Briefs”

The new Snodger Media TV series “Legal Briefs” will look at Australian law. It is presented by Lizzie O’Shea. Catherine Gough-Brady is the directer and editor. Victoria Law Foundation have funded this production. You can watch a trailer here:

Culture Victoria fund “Three Photographers”

Culture Victoria have funded Snodger Media to create two short films to be made in conjunction with photographers Koo Bohnchang and William Yang, and curator Catherine Croll. Creative Clunes are the producers of the project. Catherine Gough-Brady will be directing and editing the films.

ABC TV purchase “A Journey Through Asian Art”

ABC TV will begin broadcasting A Journey Through Asian Art on July 25, 2014. Catherine Gough-Brady directed and edited the series. The presenter and interviewer is Alison Carroll. Seoul Film Commission and Film Victoria provided financial support for the development of the A Journey Through Asian Art. Asia Education Foundation provided production funding. The website for the series is at: …